Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011 .

Assalamualaikum ,
Congratulations to the newlyweds , Prince William and Kate Middleton . They are so sweet ! Seriously ! Even wedding ni berjalan lancar , aku tetap rasa ada yang kurang . Nak tahu apa ? The late Princess Dianna . Yup , her .

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Tak silap aku , ada satu kerusi kosong , reserved for the late Princess Dianna . Oh my , I'm touched :') Princess Dianna missed her son's wedding . To be honest , aku suka sangat tengok diorang ni since aku kecil . So , bila Lady Dianna dah tak ada , rasa macam pelik , tambah tambah lagi waktu Prince William kahwin .

"I went to the school and put it to William , particularly , that if you find someone you love in life , you must hang onto it , and look after it , and if you were lucky enough to find someone who loved you , then you must protect it" 
-Lady Dianna-

Looks like Prince William follow his mom's advice . May your wedding long last , Prince :) Oh yea , let me show you Kate Middleton pictures . She's so beautiful , pretty and a bit nervous that day . Siapa yang tengok waktu Prince William nak sarungkan cincin dekat jari Kate , mesti gelabah gila . Yeap , aku gelabah waktu tu , and I was like , "Oh my , is it too tight ? Masuk ke tak tu ?" Seriously ! That moment makes me laugh so hard , and I almost fell from my chair . LOL :D

Catherine Middleton . Pretty , isn't she ? 

Nak tunggu cik adik manis ni punya lah lama . Aku dekat depan TV tu dah macam apa . Haha . Then , bila nampak dia dalam kereta , I was like , "Oh my , she's so beautiful !" I love her smile :) But sorry to say to Prince Wills , where the hell is your hair ? Muda lagi kannn , adoi .

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Oh yea , tak lupa jugak dekat adik dia , Prince Harry . He's totally swag . LOL :D Suka sangat main main . But still cute :) Bila lah dia nak kahwin . Abang nya dah lepas , dia belum :)

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Sebelum terlupa , wedding dress Kate ni Sarah Burton yang designkan . Awesome , lawa dan epic ! Start from her , the dress , the tiara and the veil , she's pretty in that attire . I hope they are happy always and this wedding is long last . Last but not least , R.I.P Princess Dianna .

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*Too much picture ? Well , picture tells a thousands words .

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