Monday, April 18, 2011

Maaf dari hati ,

Assalamualaikum ,
Saya rasa dah selalu sangat saya keluarkan perkataan maaf pada awak , kan kan kan ? Terima kasih , sebab anggap saya pemberi semangat awak . Terima kasih , sebab hargai setiap patah perkataan yang saya ucap untuk awak . Semua tu bukan gurauan , not at all . Sebab saya tak tahu langsung nak bergurau pasal benda benda serius macam ni . Pasal hal malam tu , saya minta maaf kalau saya buat awak rasa bersalah . Serius , saya memang nak simpan benda tu , tak mahu cakap langsung . But it keeps wondering in my mind . I really can't help myself . Yeah , you know me more than others and myself . Thank you and thank you so much . 
"God , I'm sorry for being greedy . I shouldn't and I hate myself for being bad . Please forgive me :("

To be honest , I feel guilty when we become like this . I don't want to ruin either your mood or your day .  I'm sorry , again . Truthfully , I'm not okay and will going to be okay . You don't have to be worry about me . Got my text right ? So , that's the truth , and now , you know everything inside my heart . I don't know why when it's YOU , I am willing to tell you everything ! Oh yea , maybe I trust you that much . You always makes me feel better whenever I'm down , sad or something . Thank you again . 
"I like you , and I think about you a lot ."

I am happy , definitely happy because we are this close , because we confess to each other , because I get a chance to know you more . It's my fault actually . I'll try my very best to not to ask about it . It's just me who hope probably too high which is I shouldn't .

"Why does our time never match ?"

 Awak , saya cakap macam tu bukan sebab saya suka letakkan diri saya dalam keadaan yang buruk . Cuma saya tak boleh fikir positif pasal tu . Dah selalu jadi , dan susah nak buang . Help me with it , PLEASE ? I don't know what else that I can do . Even if I want to leave you , I just can't . My heart refuse to do so . Because you're very important to me .

"When a girl cries over a guy , it means that she misses him . But when a guy cries over a girl , no one else could love that girl more than him"

Thanks , for makes me feel great about myself , for makes me smile and happy all day long , for never fail from makes me laugh , for always being there whenever I need someone , for accept me who I am , and for other things that I can't describes with words . Thanks for the past , now and future :')

Boy , I Love You 

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