Sunday, April 3, 2011

You ,

Assalamualaikum :)
It's 3.00 a.m. now . But still , I couldn't sleep at all . I want to sleep , please , make it easy for me . Since I can't sleep , so , I decide to write something . My wish , after I finish with my writing , I can sleep soundly :)

M.A : Hey you ! Yeahh , I mean you lahh :) You're probably sleeping right now while I still can't sleep :( Okaay , lets continue with my words . For this few days , you change my world completely . You bring back my smile . You make me satisfied with myself . You make me happy . Alhamdulillah :) Sounds like I'm kidding right ? But , hell nooo ! You better take this as a serious thought . No "bergurau" this time :) Want to know something ? I can't tell this straight to you so I decide to write it , since you like stuff like this right ? ehehhee~ Thank you so much , for makes me happy . Thank you . I don't know what else that I can say except thank you . I know , we used to be very awkward before . If I'm not mistaken , we never had a chat before . Not even once ! But you start talking to me when both of us are in Form 4 . At first , I'm shocked . You're completely changed and I always asked myself why . Do something happen in your life , or it's just you who want to change . How far you are from me , I never forget you . Want to know why again ? Because you're a very shy guy and barely hard to make a move towards girl . Then , you got transfered to another school . I'm a bit down but , still , you're always keep in touch with me . Okaay , enough with old memories . It's too much . Again , you're gentleman . I love the way you are . You never fail from makes me laugh even sometimes I'm angry with you . *niceeee :D Wahh , I really love to say that you're gentleman . Again , gentleman . ehhehee~ You really make my world feels different . If I didn't talk to you for a day , I'll feel weird and incomplete . You make me smile by myself and you're the last thing I thought before sleep . Okaay , you WIN :D To be honest , I start to miss you . Yeahh , I'm not kidding . It's a truth . Heyy , stop telling me that you're a bad boy because I believe that you're not . Thank you , again :')
: Sincerely , Me 

That's all for now . Sorry , because I'm speaking :) Take care , 

*I read back your tweet , and found this , "You are my twitter" . I'm touched :') 
God , why I'm being like this =_="