Friday, March 18, 2011

My Only One - BoA

This song makes me cry so badly . Damn ! 

Lyrics Translation

One year like a day, like time’s memory
I don’t see it as love, it hurts more
Even if it returns as regret, remains in my heart
I loved with that heart the same heart

My heart speaks, what about my heart?
One step, two steps, should’ve slowly walked
Under the name of love, come to me
Inside my heart you leaned on me, you were laughing

*Stay in my heart, love stay in my heart
As much as it hurt me, my strangled tears too
Now I’ll leave you in my heart forever
Whenever in my heart, there will be one person

Though the thought came, I won’t ask
Because my heart that loved isn’t a lie
I’ll bury you in my memories and place it in my heart
I loved with that heart the same heart

Between my two closed eyes, I hear your breath
All day, that look you stared me with
Even I didn’t know my heart became dirty
A wonderful memory stays


I’ll say that I still love
Like a fool, the love in my heart that passed

**The times I spent with you, your wonderful promises
Do you remember them, just how much we placed our love
I frequently laugh because of that love, my heart
I love you again, in my heart there will be one person 

I cry so badly . I miss you . I wish you miss me , even for once . I wish you have thought about me even once . You don't have any idea how much I miss you now . I don't know why , I really don't know why 

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