Wednesday, February 16, 2011

If I can fall in love with you again ,

*Thanks to my sweety pie , Siti NurQhaleeda for this picture 

It has been a year . No , it's not that I'm still hoping on him . It's just that I can't resist the thought of him that rarely come to pay a visit in my mind . See , it's rarely so it's not my fault if I obey it  He's so special to me . I'm sorry but I feel like I want to talk about him today . Since he doesn't know my blog , so he can't read this . Since he can't read this , I can use Manglish . He hate it when I'm speaking , he doesn't understand English . And refuse to obey me when I'm speaking I'm also not so fluent in English so I decide to use both Malay and English *sejak bila aku kesah nak guna bahasa apa niee ?  

Untuk senangkan cerita , cukuplah aku gelarkan dia Mr.Z . He has his own charm , and sweet , and caring , and so on :D Sorry for praising him so much but that's the truth Thanks a lot to him because he never feel bored with me . Man , I adore you so much !

To Mr.Z : I don't know whether you realize it or not but it has been a year since you left me . I don't want to know why because I believe you have your own reasons for it . I try to forget you but I can't . I try to erase you but I can't . But because of you , I'm stronger than before . *Terima kasih Tuhan sebab pertemukan saya dengan dia  

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