Monday, February 14, 2011

Hang nak apa lagi ?

First of all , sorry sangat sebab dah lama tak update blog *eleh , macam lah ada orang nak baca blog kau ckin Sepanjang tak tulis blog ni , macam macam jadi . Memang nak tulis semua dalam ni cuma terlalu malas . HEE . Okay , straight to the point . Something big happen to me , and I was in shocked . Untuk senang kan cerita , aku gelar dia ni Mr.A .

For Mr.A : If I want to act like smart , I wouldn't talk to you . I mean , never talk to you . But if I act like smart , I'll feel like stupid because I've thousands things that I want to tell you . But to do so , I might be regret because you'd never understand . Never ! You never try to understand because yourself are full with ego . Yes , EGO  ! If I talk to you , if I reply you , I'm afraid that I might act emotionally and say something that yourself also doesn't want to hear it . You told me that you don't want to loss me because I'm your old friend but you never act like one ! You're full of selfish either you realize it or not . Who cares ? You'll still remain the same though . Man , all of the people who you loves in this world are not yours . You can't have all of them . That'll show how greedy you are . I hate the way you talk . You manipulated people with it . Since what had happened in two weeks ago , I can't trust you anymore . I'm sorry , but I really can't ! I don't know if the things that your ex or gf or what-so-ever told me was true or not . I don't want to know . It shows me that you're a backstabbers . You make story about other people for the sake of yourself . For that girl , I'm sorry . I'm about to tell him those stories that you told me before because I believe it's vice versa *I don't consider it as a promise until I say "I'm promise" If I can reverse back , I don't want to know you Mr.A . I don't want to fall in love with you . If you don't love me , or don't like me , that's okay . But don't treat me like a trash because I'm afraid that I'll treat you like one too Don't underestimate me . I hate that . If you really want me in your life , you'll find a way to put me there 

"You had to have it all, Well have you had enough ?"
"You greedy little bastard, you will get what you deserve"
"To leave you in your misery and hate what you've become"
- Breaking Benjamin , Had Enough -


  1. haha . adelah kan kak ckin . :))

  2. HAN : betul ke nak tawu ? nanti aku cerita :D

  3. iyeaa akak , lame tak dengar cite . hmmm , number kaka adik hilang hmmm , sad sangat sebab tak boleh story moryy hahah

  4. it's okay adik :)
    i can settle this by myself .
    patience is everything ;)